Assembly & Packaging

For the past four decades, this area has been a major supporting segment at QMI. As you very well know, in today’s markets more than ever, labor & logistics costs are extremely important in any product. Our team has supported startup to implementation for mass production assembly programs currently working over 200 people. Compare our costs internationally, and you will find that we will be competitive, as we are able to offer much more than just a labor rate.

We have the ability to analyze products and processes to determine multiple scenarios that allow us to provide constant improvements for your manufacturing process. We understand that high volume products as well as low volume and complex products both demand a dedicated team approach. At QMI, you will find our standard is to take a team approach to constantly improve the manufacturing process.

We currently work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to take multiple products from the development phase through to the engineering of the mass production process and market ready. The QMI team also works in collaboration with OEM engineering teams to continually improve production process and product improvements, which allows the smooth transition to the next generation of market products.

QMI’s current Assembly operations include the production of Aftermarket & Ship With Equipment OEM Mono and Color Laser Cartridges, OEM Warranty Returns & Evaluations, Re-qualifying and repackaging of Laser Cartridges, Conversions of OEM Aftermarket & Ship With Equipments product, as well as Audits of Laser Cartridges from other OEM Global Sites. We take great pride in supplying our customers’ high volume products in assembly and packaging.